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Hey You!

I'm Marco, a part-time freelancer Web developer, always trying to know more and giving to my clients the best I can.

Thanks for your interest in my page and in my work. I hope you can find here all the info you need.

Be ok to keep my contact and my CV, just in case 😉

Hope to hear from you soon!



  • Information Systems and Knowledge Management @ ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon


Middle School – 3rd Cycle

  • Technical Management and Maintenance of Computer Equipment (Level 3 course) @ ESCO, Torres Vedras

Middle School – 2nd Cycle

  • Middle School – 2nd Cycle @ Escola Secundária de Montejunto, Cadaval


BI Consultant

Master Thesis

Event/Project Manager

IEEE Student’s Branch

Hospital I.T. Trainee

  • Trainee program in I.T. @ CHTV (3 months between 2009 and 2010)

Wine Delivery

  • Wine Delivery and Warehouse Management @ Quinta das Cerejeiras, Bombarral (August, 2010)

Fruit Picking

Every year most farmers at the West side of Portugal have one thing in common. It’s fruit picking time!
It’s a great experience, that I try to repeat every year.


Cloud Storage

You have some needs! File storage and synchronization across all your devices, accessible 24/7. Put it on a cloud!


Giving all the necessary mailboxes to the client business, with the focus to access them anywhere, anytime, through webmail and device integration.


Always with the client ideas in mind, developing a cross plataform website, using the most recent techniques and technologies.


The business of my clients do not stop, neither I! Always trying to get the best performance, and giving the best I can to get 24/7 of uptime in their business.


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    Lisbon, Portugal